Community Involvement

About Idaho2Fly 
Idaho2Fly is a 501(c)(3) Idaho non-profit organization. They are 100% volunteer run and 100% contribution funded. They use fly-fishing-related activities to bring men with cancer or those in remission together to be supported and improve their outlook on life. They also use fly-fishing-related activities for fundraising and community building. 

They look forward to meeting and engaging with any man suffering with cancer, as well as those who wish to provide support.

What they do 
If you are a man suffering from cancer or your cancer is in remission, they want to hear from you. They’ve developed programs and retreats that allow you to meet, interact, and be supported by other men with cancer and by a community of generous and caring volunteers. You are not alone. Others have and are experiencing the same emotions and challenges you face. Let them know you are interested, and they’ll contact you with information about their upcoming support opportunities. If nothing else, just join the discussion and be part of something that matters . . . to you, and other men like you. 

Here are some of the ways they help men with cancer:

  • Retreats. They host two expense-paid Idaho fly-fishing retreats each year, the first in mid-July and the second in early October. Read about their retreats here: Upcoming Retreats/Events, and read their Retreat FAQs.
  • Ongoing support. Once you’ve attended a retreat, they just don’t disappear. They regularly hold a variety of events, from family picnics, to Fly Fishing 101, a series of evening classes to provide a deeper understanding of fly fishing theory and technique. All retreat alumni are invited and, as always, these events are free of charge.
  • Fly Fishing. They believe that most men need a reason to meet and (in their opinion) there is no better reason than fly fishing. It’s healthy, it’s healing, and it has helped each of them in the organization to find peace, contentment, and happiness in their lives. They urge you to try it to see if it can do the same for you.
  • Building a community. They don’t just want to host retreats and ongoing periodic meetings; they are building a community of men who can support, be supported, and add value to each other’s lives. If you already have a strong support structure within your life, they are happy for you and encourage you to share with others how that positively affects your life. If you don’t have a good support community, they want to help establish and develop one with you.

Most importantly, they want you to know, you are not alone!

My contribution 
I have participated in the organization's fund-raising efforts as a volunteer and contributor. I plan to contribute as a “fishing buddy” on one or more of the organization’s annual retreats.





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